Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The background on Upshaw's K-State choice

Here's the public reasoning on Robert Upshaw's decision to go with Kansas State:

His mother, Ceylon Sherman, told Gopowercat.com he chose K-State over Georgetown, Fresno State and others, because he felt comfortable playing in Manhattan.

    "It was a close run," Sherman said. "He had a lot of great schools, but when it came down to it, him and all of us family just all had Kansas State. For Robert, it was about how much he liked the guys out there. He had chemistry with them."


Anonymous said...

Did somebody's bank account just get a little bit larger?

Kevin McCarthy said...

Do you have details or is this sour graping?

K-State is in Manhattan and what 18 year old doesn't want to experience those bright lights?

PTW says it was the Frank Martin stare that did the trick.