Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Writing about Nevada's Jordan Finn?

George Dohrmann has been exchanging tweets with Justin Hawkins apparently about Jordan Finn, who has played in one games this season, totaling four minutes:

By the way, make sure you read Dohrmann's latest book "Play Their Hearts Out"

"So give me odds that Jordan transfers from Nevada. I'd say 50-50"
"Was probably a step too high for him anyway. Should be at Big West school. Maybe join Andrew [Bock] at Pacific"
"I go 70-30 he's gone"


Anonymous said...

Kevin it should be noted that Finn did not suit up because of a sore back the first game and who knows how much it affected him the second. This explains him only playing four minutes.

student4ever said...

He wasn't dressed for the Missouri St. due to back problems. He may very well transfer, but using his playing time so far is a bit of a stretch as a reason.