Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday's WAC hullabaloo

Ryan Baylis got Aggie-ized as a high school senior -- read his story. A tip o' the hat to The Sagebrush for the link.


PTW missed this exhibition game report on Louisiana Tech. Brandon Gibson totaled 18 points (he'll be Tech's top scorer this season) and freshman transfer Isaiah Massey grabbed nine boards.


Former Utah Stater Gary Wilkinson just nabbed a Player of the Week award.

Eric Frandsen has tweeted that Antonio Bumpus has departed from Utah State. A tip o' the hat to SpectrumMagic for the link at the USUFans Stew Morrill MB.

Tony Jones also contributes an article on Bumpus.

By the way, anyone know where Anthony DiLoreto landed? Did he return home to Minnesota and enroll somewhere? Somebody will give him the chance.


Teddy Feinberg offers more on Wendell McKines' dissing of UTEP basketball. PTW thinks the idea of bulletin board material is way overblown. If a coach can't get a team ready for a rivalry game and/or if the players themselves aren't up for the matchup, then something is awry and BB material won't fix it.

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