Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's still there

Logan, Utah is still standing, as is The Spectrum.

And yes, Utah State still has a men's basketball program.

All this despite mucho speculation that the Aggie loss at Weber State had to mean the end of the world is imminent.

Yes, Stew Morrill's squad lost a road game, one versus the probable Big Sky Conference champion.

USU is an evolving team this season. The number of new talents dictates that. Last season's team was senior dominated and thus primarily static state, with the dominant players at their apex -- Brockeith Pane being the exception.

The Aggies are going to lose some games this season. This may be hard to understand and accept but so it goes. Heck, instead the Spectrum-ites should be doing cartwheels over these particular statistics: Pane is shooting 52% overall, 50% from long distance and is 10-10 from the foul line. Yes, it's early but the comparison is to 44%, 21% and 80% in 2010-11.


Anonymous said...

Cmon now. New Mexico State goes into The Pit and COMPLETELY shuts down Drew Gordon and the MWC favorites with defense and PTW writes a post somewhat defending Utah State?

I agree that Morril will have his team ready come WAC time, but their loss at Weber is small news compared to the way the Southern Ags rep'd the WAC.

Love your blog though. Keeps me sane (which I'm obviously not). haha

Joe said...

Weber is a good team this season. I expect big things out of them. There wasn't an Aggie who didn't know this would be a tough game. We'll get it together. Overall, I'm quite pleased thus far. The new guys have been better than expected, which is a pleasant surprise. In Stew we trust!