Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday's WAC basketball report

PTW is loaded with entries today -- watch tomorrow to be barren.

Jason Groves has a dose-of-realism blog entry up responding to a comment on his previous post. In it, he addresses an Aggie weakness of last season and the prospects of a newcomer's effect.


Dayton Morinaga is back with a look at Zane Johnson's summer school of sorts. The portion about manning the point is very interesting.


treesap32 has posted about yet another 2011 big possibility for Utah State -- a D-1 transfer -- on the Stew's Spectrum MB at the site.

Here's a link about the young man's emancipation from OK State. Here is another.


Brandon Tatera, in reporting on the recent Double Pump event in southern California, wrote this as part of his article (a Rivals sub is required):

"Marcel Davis (2012/American Fold High School/ Utah Pump N Run Red) 
Utah State is getting a good one in Davis. He has good size for a point guard at 6'2 and knows how to make the game easier for others by setting them up perfectly. Davis is also good off the dribble"

Matt Prehm (Mr. Oregon Ducks athletics) has tweeted on Olu Ashaolu:
"Olu Ashaolu has completed his official visits to Oregon, Texas, and SDSU. Arrived home late last night. Also considering Xavier"

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