Friday, May 6, 2011

A very lean Friday

Not much to post so far this a.m.

A.W. Prince has posted (a sub is required) the news about the NCAA adopting a rules change that will require adding to the markings on the court.

Here is the subject AW is writing about, plus more areas of discussion the coaches are working on to better. 


Just asking: are Raheem Appleby's (Louisiana Tech's latest addition) parents fans of Spike Lee's filmmaking talents, in particular 1989's "Do The Right Thing"?


For those who missed it yesterday, in Jason Jones' latest interview with new LT Coach Mike White, the latter offers two critical insights:

“Are we going to go out and sign a junior college All-American or a transfer with just one or two years left,” asked White. “We’re going to evaluate those situations of course, but that’s not us. The main goal is not to win win as many games as we can next year, it’s to build this program.”
In three years, I think you will see a different kind of raw athlete across our roster. I’d love to play as fast as we can and press and run as much as possible.”
The hiring of a new coach frees up the any fixation on the requirement to win right away. It allows the time for another attempt at rebuilding, minus the pressure that comes for a coach in place for a few years. PTW predicted earlier that White would sign two or three JUCO transfers (plus some high schoolers) for a shot at a level of immediate stability but that doesn't appear the route or timetable he is taking.

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