Friday, May 27, 2011

The world of WAC basketball on Friday

It's inconsequential (so why is PTW posting it?) but there's a spat of sorts taking place between the AD at Louisiana Tech and Keith Richard, the former Tech basketball coach.

The reason for listing it here? Because the pendulum swing between winning and achieving an acceptable APR is always a dilemma for coaches at colleges that don't have access to a wide array of high school and junior college prospects.

Yes, Tech academics weren't what they needed to be at the end of Richard's Ruston tenure and they did improve during Rupp's time but the latter was let go anyway, primarily because he didn't win enough games.

Rupp is still at LT had his team secured even a mid-teens number of wins in 2010-11. An improving APR provided no life line for him.


In the same vein, new Wyoming Coach Larry Shyatt has some sharp words for coaches he labels as 'sellouts.'

What makes this all more interesting is that Shyatt lists Central Florida Coach Donnie Jones as someone he admires but Jones is dealing with fallout from a recent NY Times article.


The USU Stats site has a new blog and Aggie commit Riley Bradshaw is boosted in a feature article.


Dayton Morinaga talked with JUCO beat reporter Brad Winton about Hawaii's contingent of junior college recruits.


Craig Hislop writes in a column that Utah Valley doesn't have a case against Utah State regarding interference with WAC membership. Tony Jones offers a feature on the subject.

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