Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stew Morrill: dancer and joke teller

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Do you think there is any chance Utah State Coach Stew Morrill will play Vegas?

No, not in the basketball sense but as a yukmeister and dance man. You know, something like Larry the Cable Guy headlining, with Stew Morrill opening.

We wouldn't have guessed that Coach Morrill has a public funny side but he apparently does and displayed just that at a college basketball luncheon in Salt Lake City this week.

At the Utah State Scout site (actually the basketball message board), a couple of fans who were in the audience posted their take on Morrill's appearance.

Posted: Yesterday 10:22 PM
Some points from today's basketball luncheon in SLC

Stew was in rare form today at the coaches luncheon. Pretty jovial, and very conversational. Told a few too many jokes. We could have used the time for questions.

He was asked what is the difference between Jared Quayle now, and the Quayle that came out of Box Elder High School. He said Quayle, while 4-A MVP at BEHS, was kind of a "who knows" kind of player. Everybody thought he had ability, but nobody was sure if he was really a D-1 player. He went on his mission and when he got back, came to USU and wanted to walk-on. One of the coaches took him aside and said, "If you walk on you'll never get to play. So why don't you go to a junior college, get some playing time, and then we'll take a look at you then." So the coaching staff arranged for him to play at Western Wyoming in Rock Springs...

...Somebody asked him what he and Jim Boylen got into it about at the Utah game. He said the same guy selects the refs for both the Mountain West and WAC conferences. So all the coaches know everybody. He said during the BYU game, Dave Rose was really playing to the refs and talking to them all the time. Stew said that wasn't going to happen again. When Boylen started asking about every call, Stew yelled to the ref, "So are we going to talk about every call you guys make." Boylen went berzerk and came down and in no uncertain terms basically told Stew to perform an anatomically impossible act. Stew says if you see the film of the game, you'll see him turn away, and start laughing as he walked back to the bench...

Try this link and see for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Dude... I have got to tell you Coach is VERY funny when he wants to be and also VERY intimidating when he wants to be.