Wednesday, January 6, 2010

After this, we'll let it go

The charade involving Mike Garrett/Tim Floyd/O.J. Mayo and USC basketball isn't WAC-related so we need to let it go. We will still be watching to see what the sloth in quicksand, er, the NCAA, dishes out in term of penalties but we'll re-focus on WAC hoops right after the following George Dohrmann column:

George Dohrmann
Sports Illustrated

USC would like you to believe that when it self-imposed sanctions on its basketball program last Sunday, it dropped the hammer on its troubled hoops program.

A ban on postseason play this season, a loss of one scholarship this year and the next, restrictions on recruiting ... It was a litany of wrist slaps that the Trojans hope will be viewed as equitable punishment for the numerous NCAA violations committed during star guard O.J. Mayo's one year in Troy.

"When we've done something wrong," USC athletic director Mike Garrett said, "we have an obligation to do something about it and that is exactly what we are doing here."

What Garrett and the Trojans also did was take everyone, including the members of the NCAA's Committee on Infractions (COI), for fools...
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