Saturday, January 23, 2010

An aspect that is great for WAC basketball

There is another aspect of WAC basketball that deserves attention and commendation. That is, Wendell McKines and Jahmar Young speaking their respective minds.

Neither does it in a me-me-me manner a la changing their surname to a number or 'conveniently' having a Sharpie available for autographs and such while on the court. No, they speak what they are feeling -- something generally unique in this day and age of pre-programmed responses and sports adages that have long ago been worthy of burial.

Here's McKines today, via Jason Groves: "We have the best talent in the WAC..."

Good for him!

We are sure Coach Marvin Menzies would prefer not to have so-called "locker room material" available for opponents but damn is it refreshing.

Young offered this to Brian McInnis after the game-winning shot against Hwaii on Thursday night:

"...After UH point guard Hiram Thompson put himself in contention for hero of the game -- again -- with a tying 3-pointer with 12.9 seconds left, the Aggies took the ball straight upcourt and waited until about 5 seconds were left at the top of the arc. Young dribbled right in rhythm and drained the stepback jumper over an outstretched Roderick Flemings.

"They didn't give up, I just made a good shot. My JY sense kicked in," said Young, who finished with a game-high 26 points on 11-for-23 shooting. "I knew it was good. Not to be cocky, (never had a game-winner) in games, never had that predicament before. But in practice I make a lot of those...'"
Jason Groves/Las Cruces Sun-News is quite the lucky reporter and we are the fortunate recipients.