Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A case can be made for both sides

We will spare you weighing in on the "what is truth" debate since such has been here from Day One of humanity and will only cease for us when our existence disappears but how and why do you come down on this particular debate?

To foul or not to foul?

Nick Jezierny offers the background on the latest WAC scenario involving this subject:

Idaho coach defends decision not to foul late in game
Nick Jezierny
Idaho Statesman

MOSCOW — Idaho men’s basketball coach Don Verlin never considered fouling at the end of regulation in Monday’s 77-67 loss to Boise State.

The Vandals had a 62-59 lead with 7.7 seconds left and junior Jeff Ledbetter on the foul line shooting a one-and-one.

Ledbetter, a 53.3 percent foul shooter, missed. That gave visiting Boise State a chance to tie the score with a 3-point shot, and that’s what happened when Bronco senior Anthony Thomas drained a long trey with Ledbetter’s hand in his face as time expired...
Go here for the remainder.

A case can be made either way -- this despite the holier-than-thou sermons of some opposing points of view.

Totally off-base and not to single him out, but how is Jeff ledbetter a 53.3% foul shooter? Outside-shooting is his strong point. Maybe he needs to move back, catch a pass from a teammate...

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