Monday, January 4, 2010

Notes and questions on tonight's games

There are a lot of WAC game previews today on the 'net but we're trying to avoid those unless a nugget or two is unearthed within them.

However, we are curious: if Utah State loses tonight -- a big IF -- can anyone confirm if the Aggies have ever started league play 0-2? How about even in the Big West Conference?

If there any doubt that New Mexico State, in either winning or losing, scores more than 55 points in the matchup with Nevada? The Aggies are averaging 76.

Is it Brandon Fields versus Jonathan Gibson and Joey Shaw against Jahmar Young tonight? Both battles will be worthwhile to see.

Will Nevada's (lack of a) bench be a negative factor or not?

THE factor in a game can never be predicted ahead of time (well, it can but is inaccurate more often than not) but will the Wolf Pack - Aggie contest be decided on who forces who into the lower shooting percentage?

Shawn Harrison includes this in his game preview today and we wonder if such is an ace in the hole for Louisiana Tech:

"...In getting to Ruston, the Aggies bused to El Paso, Texas, where they boarded a flight to Dallas/Forth Worth. After a change of planes, the team then flew to Shreveport, La., then was on a bus for an hour to complete the trip, which took most of the day. The team did practice Sunday evening..."
At least the game didn't require a long flight as the first mode of transportation and there were no apparent delays due to weather.

The Tai Wesley - Olu Ashaolu battle should be fun to witness. Will Dana White be on hand licking his lips?

Tony Jones/Aggieville has his keys to the game here.

We say it's more important for Hawaii to come out on top of Boise State due to the matchup being a home game for the 'Bows. If Dwain Williams is hurt or subpar then it won't happen for UH. Roderick Flemings also has to positively influence the outcome in some manner.

Will Idaho be jetlagged or still thinking of the warm, inviting Pacific Ocean when taking on San Jose State tonight? Coach Don Verlin's squad has a load of seniors who know how to prepare so it seems unlikely.

Shouldn't the Vandal uniforms -- at least one of them -- be red? After all, they reside in...Moscow.

Yeah, we're rapidly losing steam here as evidenced by our last entry so we're checking out before we sink even lower.

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Nicky The C said...

You're not losing steam. You're last post was amazing. I added Jennifer Ann's blog my to Google Reader. That chick is psycho.