Friday, January 22, 2010

A few more Friday links and notes

Hey, you learn something every day: Louisiana Tech basketballers -- male hoops in this instance -- are the Bulldogs. The Techsters refers to the lady hoopsters in Ruston. Can anyone provide the history on this division?

I sure hope this isn't some sort of political correctness at work here because my neighbor has a female bulldog and I would certainly insult him if I insisted on calling her Techster (yep, it's late, that's the best I could so). But seriously, why the two names?


Travis Mason-Bushman must be back to 100% or close to it and making up for any lost time as he has separate video interviews with Coach Don Verlin, wing Kashif Watson and center Marvin Jefferson here. The Vandals are hosting Utah State on Saturday night and, as tough (and maybe foolish) as it is to do this, isn't Idaho due for a statement game?

This is the first we read of a pair of Idaho suspensions -- go here.


A basketball prospect enters school at Nevada, one who is moving from purgatory to limbo -- yes, that's how progress is measured in the ecclesiastical ranks of the NCAA mothership -- as Chris Murray reports here.

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