Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday's game reports of Saturday's matchups

Sam Wasson lead offs this morning with his game report on San Jose State's victory over visiting New Mexico State. Alex Pavlovic was on site and offers his take. If you can take more, here is a third review.


Daniel Lyght tells the tale here of host Fresno State's surprising win over Nevada. Lyght blogs about some keys to the game -- it's an important read with possible ramifications for the future. Here is another Lyght blog entry, this one pre-game.

Chris Murray writes about the game and the emergence of one Greg Smith here. He offers a bunch of Nevada hoops notes in this article.


Travis Mason-Bushman had the Idaho fall to Utah State covered, including a post-game press conference with Coach Don Verlin. Nick Jezierny was also present and his report can be found here. Jared Eborn was on the road and features Coach Stew Morrill nabbing victory #500. Shawn Harrison was also in Moscow and has a game report and a separate piece on Morrill's achievement. Likewise with Tony Jones here and here. Jones blogs about a ceremony being planned to salute Morrill at next Saturday's game versus San Jose State.


Louisiana Tech took care of business in Honolulu, winning 65-60 over UH. Dayton Morinaga has the game coverage as does Brian McInnis here.

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