Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here's the promised Sam Hicks article

Here's the Sam-Hicks-To-Boise article we promised a few days ago from the NorCalPreps site. We're posting it in its entirety because sometime has passed since it appeared and because we wrote it:

(Sam Hicks photo courtesy of Shannon Hicks)

Hicks to the WAC

Liberty High’s Sam Hicks resides in the Redding area way up in northern California. Now he’s set to head even further north and a little east as he has given a verbal commitment to the college of his choice.

The 6-foot-9 Hicks had the options to venture to the West Coast Conference and the Big West Conference but a visit over the weekend made his mind up and he’s going to be a student-athlete in the Western Athletic Conference.

With a mostly upperclass frontcourt, Hicks will have an opportunity for early playing time

"I’ve decided to attend Boise State," Hicks said. "I really liked the coaches and players and the area is nice too."

Hicks initially thought he would be making a November decision "if it feels right" but all obviously came together for him earlier than expected.

What’s interesting is that it began to snow in the Boise area as Hicks was concluding his visit. Moisture and cold can be a deal breaker for some but it was a clincher for Hicks who sees snow as opportunity.

Hicks wanted to thank his Liberty High coach Todd Franklin. As he explained earlier, "Coach Franklin knows the Pumps [the Los Angeles-based Pump Brothers} and that helped me land a spot on one of their teams" which aided in his exposure to college coaches.

Eligibility should be of no concern with Hicks holding a 3.5 grade point average.

The BSU coaching staff indicated to Hicks that he will be positioned at the four spot.

Boise State currently sports four ’bigs’ on the roster. An opportunity for early playing time will be present as Bronco forward Mark Sanchez is departing after the upcoming season, 6-foot-9-ers Kurt Cunningham and Ike Okoye will be seniors during Hicks’ freshman year while 6-foot-10 Zack Moritz will be entering his junior year.

Nevada and San Jose State are also members of the Western Athletic Conference and within driving distance of Redding, giving Hicks’ family the opportunity to see him play without having to fly somewhere.

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