Thursday, October 30, 2008

Roderick Flemings 'leaves' Hawaii

In the vein of the Weekly World News (the latter currently contains this headline -- "9-FT-TALL CYCLOPS JOINS NBA" -- the National Enquirer, even good ol' Fox News too often and definitely in far too many current political campaigns, we offer that Hawaii's top recruit has left the islands.

It's a 100% indisputable truth.

Flemings has an ailing grandfather in Texas and has gone to visit his relative. He'll be back in school on Monday.

Actually, our best wishes go out to Fleming' grandfather for a quick and complete recovery and that the young man will be able to return to his academics and basketball playing without such a heavy burden on his mind.

Yes, this was a pretty lame-brained attempt at displaying how even fact can be used to infer something that isn't accurate.

We see it in headlines, in the leads of articles, hear such on television and radio, even encounter it in pixelated postings on the 'net.

So let's vow to be much more careful and circumspect in what we say and how we write and display so-called thoughts and information (PTW definitely included) as well as in the depth of material we read, see and hear.

Add to this that we need to up our willingness to admit when we are wrong rather than bluster about this and that, attempting to avoid or obscure the central fact of being incorrect.

Okay, class is over and do send good thoughts to Roderick Flemings and his family.

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