Thursday, October 23, 2008

Remember that the three-point distance has changed

We expect the three-point shooting percentages overall to decrease a tad this coming season due to the further distance but we're still not sure why 20 feet, nine inches was chosen. Hopefully, it wasn't one of those 'how can we get the most agreement' decisions where compromise rules the day and actual purpose gets lost.

NMSU players, coach don't expect 3-point line to be a factor
Jason Groves
Las Cruces Sun-News

LAS CRUCES — The consensus on the New Mexico State men's basketball team is that the further distance from 3-point land won't affect the Aggies this season. The reason stems from players such as Jahmar Young, Jonathan Gibson and Gordo Castillo.

"All of us can shoot the ball well," said Castillo, who was 12 for 27 (44 percent) from beyond the old arc as a freshman last year. "It's good to have so many guys that can shoot because when you drive and guys come off you, you can kick it out for an open shot. We just have to stay consistent."

The Aggies shot 35 percent from the old 3-point distance of 19 feet, 9-inches last year. Utah State led the Western Athletic Conference, shooting 40 percent, followed by Boise State (39 percent), Idaho (36) and Nevada (36)...

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