Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reggie Moore, meet Abdul Gaddy

Let's take the time to introduce Reggie Moore to the latest University of Washington recruit Abul Gaddy. For those in the dark about Gaddy, please exit your cave and try this link and then this link.

As for a little Reggie Moore background, he was a promising prep guard in the Seattle area who signed early with Fresno State last year but then enjoyed a breakout senior season and decided the San Joaquin Valley was not to his liking.

He's now at a prep school in the East as a fifth-year player with the best scenario hopes of aligning himself with Lorenzo Romar either this November or in the second signing period in 2009.

Now it could still happen but it's seeming far less likely.

Gaddy just may be a one-and-done recruit -- a two-and-done at the longest. So there could still be room and use for Moore.

Freshman Isaiah Thomas will man the point as the starter for the Huskies this season with senior Justin Dentmon backing him up. Thomas is 5-8, has the high rep of a shooter and should be in Seattle for four years. Coincidentally, he is also a Washington native who spent time back east at a prep school.

Gaddy will be an immediate starter, probably alongside Thomas. Utahan C.J. Wilcox, a shooting guard is also arriving in Seattle with a sterling rep as a shooter-scorer.

What makes all this even more interesting is this October 1 note at Jim Basnight's Husky Digest indicating Moore and Washington are a match never to be.

So Reggie Moore could have been leading the Fresno State Bulldogs this season as the starting point instead of prep school. It would have been a rough season given the lack of experienced talent in Raisintown this go-around but Steve Cleveland's team is heading up after 2008-2009.

It will be fascinating where Moore does finally end up and how his college career plays out but no, don't bother getting your hopes up (again) you Red Wavers. That isn't going to happen.

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