Monday, October 27, 2008

You folks up Reno way

You fans up in Reno and the entire Wolf Pack basketball diaspora are a lucky bunch. Yes, there are a lot of reasons for this but a foremost one is having A.W. Prince as the person behind the Silver and Blue site that is easily the best WAC fan site period.

Prince also contributes to the Bear Territory site (he started it) and what sets him apart from others is his contacts throughout the sports world, the breaking recruiting information he posts, plus the time and energy he puts into the task.

He knows the kids, he knows the coaching staffs, he writes well and also provides excellent photography. Unlike most of us, Prince will travel to do in-person interviews and doesn't rely upon links to other articles and authors.

Do subscribe to his Nevada sports site and you will not be disappointed -- no, you will be thankful.

(We are not related to AW, nor does he have any incriminating photos of us but we did work for him in the past. He's a great guy, a tremendous resource and his site and the information he provides is what all others should emulate)

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