Friday, October 31, 2008

This is just amazing

Maybe there should be some sort of intelligence meter that determines a person's right to vote next week. We're certainly coming around to such thinking the more and more we come across message board posts like the following. From the Utah State basketball Scout message board comes this gem:

* aggieblue9610
Posted: Yesterday 1:04 PM
Stew needs to go
This is not my opinion! But a friend brought this up to me.

We are good at being mediocre. We win most of our games but we do not go far in the NCAA tournament. Our teams play hard and we have very fun seasons, but we have reached a plateau, and as long as Stew is our coach we will stay here. Is it our goal every year to play for our conference championship, then lose in the first round of the NCAA?? Should we be satisfied with what we have now, or should we want a sweet 16 run once in a while?? Will it ever happen with stew as our coach? Could we find a better coach?

We are good, but do we want to be great??



The above generated some very funny responses (which is primarily the reason we're presenting this) but surprisingly no hot and heavy return ordnance. Maybe the responders thought it was a hopeless cause as yes, a mind is a terrible thing to lose, but some resurrections are beyond the pale. Here you go:

* leapandlean
Posted: Yesterday 5:05 PM
Re: Stew needs to go
Bring your friend to center court in the Spectrum and lets all point and chant "STUPID"..... STUPID......STUPID"

* bluegrouse
Posted: Yesterday 5:34 PM
Re: Stew needs to go

You know I have read a lot of stupid things on this board over the last ten years but this one is several notches above them all on the stupid-o-meter.

Truly clueless.

* RiverHeightsAggie
Posted: Yesterday 7:02 PM
Re: Stew needs to go

aggieblue9610 wrote: a friend brought this up to me.


I have a thought for you. Choose better friends!
Our PTW response, courtesy of Joni Mitchell: "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone..."

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