Thursday, October 30, 2008

Louisiana Tech target decides on Southern

There is something that doesn't quite add up here but is reporting that junior college guard Junior Treasure (reserve a spot for him on the all-name team) has decided that texas Southern is his Division 1 choice.

What seems incongruent is that LSU, Louisiana Tech, Texas Tech, Florida, and Texas A&M are mentioned as the other schools pursuing Treasure.

Granted, the kid is a Houston native but turning one's back on some very high majors for a SWAC Houston-based school seems unusual.

According to Rivals, New Mexico and Baylor also offered. He apparently gave Houston a verbal coming out of high school but it appears academics forced him to the junior college ranks. So maybe his desire to get home topped everything else.

Any of you Tech fans know if Kerry Rupp was serious about Junior Treasure?

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