Saturday, February 14, 2009

Something we didn't know

Of course, there are some -- based on the headline here -- who devoutly believe this particular entry should be the longest ever at PTW. ;-) So we'll call this one an abbreviated version.

Boise State televises its men's basketball home games? Curious. Now we have no evidence either way so our feelings are mixed as to whether this will increase interest or has done so and there is also a debate about whether or nor this increases or reduces attendance.

We are interested about whether or not the powers-that-be re-visit this decision every season. Does anyone know? Is this a year-by-year choice or a matter that is simply policy set in concrete, if you will?

Televising home games should generate greater interest outside of the Boise area -- throughout the state -- and maybe that ups the sale of BSU athletics by-products but how many fairweather fans look out the door/window and see snow/rain/cold and then decide to turn on the television, thereby reducing parting, concessions and ticket monies?

Anyway, here's Nick Jezierny with his take pn the matter:

Daily Debate: Televised home games are hurting Broncos
Nick Jexierny
Idaho Statesman

Televising home games is the wrong answer for the Boise State men's basketball program.

And with the two biggest home games of the season in the next five days scheduled for television - Saturday vs. No. 21 Utah State and Wednesday vs. rival Idaho - it's time to pull the plug.

Athletic department officials said the exposure of having games broadcast on a cable television station would spur interest in the program and make more people want to attend games.

That isn't happening.

In fact, as the Bronco program has gotten better, the attendance has gotten worse - this season's average crowd of 3,032 is the lowest since Taco Bell Arena opened in 1982...

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