Thursday, March 19, 2009

WAC Thursday articles

Idaho wins, Boise loses in one of those other tourneys.

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Per Ferd Lewis/Honolulu Advertiser, it appears Bob Nash will get extended one year which is better than nothing since it might allow for a more productive recruiting haul than with no contract addition. If this happens, Nash can at least tell the junior college prospects he is recruiting that he will be there for them which could be the clincher in such a decision.

UH may add year to Nash's contract
Ferd Lewis
Honolulu Advertiser
March 19, 2009

The University of Hawai'i and Bob Nash are nearing the end of negotiations aimed at extending his contract as head men's basketball coach.

Nash has met with athletic director Jim Donovan in an annual year-end review and the coach's representative has met with UH regarding the potential terms of an extension, people in the athletic department said.

Indications are it could be a one-year extension with salary and bonuses heavily tied to performance benchmarks...

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Here's a key portion of a Mormon Times article on an additional benefit from the returned missionaries for Utah State:

"...but Formisano is cognizant of times when having seven returned missionaries helps the Aggies' cause. He pointed to the 71-70 WAC semifinal win over New Mexico State on March 13, when Utah State rallied from a 13-point halftime deficit and won the game on a Newbold jump shot with 3.1 seconds remaining. Maturity, Formisano said, helped the Aggies maintain composure..."
We were not at the Utah State - New Mexico State tourney game but a friend was and he told us that there was never a sign of panic or fear on the faces of the Aggie players despite being down by double figures at the half.

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